A Rainbow always follows a storm

Hey all! I know it’s been a while, but with everything going on, I’m jumping on to help send some love and positive vibes your way. We are keeping our sanity here (as best as we can) trying to make our lives as normal as possible during this unprecedented time. Keeping your mental health strong is key right now. It is easy for our thoughts to go right to the negative, especially with the news sharing the worst of the worst when it comes to stories.

However, just keep perspective on this:

1.) Experts all over the world are working on finding a vaccine, something that they have been making progress on.

2.) People are recovering from it (it’s not a death sentence)

3.) Cases are slowing down in other countries

4.) It’s springtime – at least you can get outside and get some fresh air

If you still find yourself anxious, then pop in a good movie, read a book or take some time to exercise. These are all positive outlets that they have helped me through some tough moments, and continue to be great avenues in keeping me sane and happy. My hope is that this will soon be a memory and that we all can continue our lives in the safest and most enjoyable ways possible. As I once heard someone say, “A rainbow always follows a storm.”

Stay safe and healthy out there!

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