A believer in love and the stories that bring people together.

I have always been a fan of love and its power. No matter the story line, the characters or the backdrop, a powerful love story has no boundaries. Below are just some of the beautiful stories that I have read, and think you should check out as well.

Books I couldn’t put down

Here are just some of my favorite books. I will look to add more as time allows. Links are available for purchase if any of these wonderful stories strike your fancy or interest.

Courting Poppy Tidemore

Christi Caldwell

Christi Caldwell’s 5th installment of the “Lords of Honor” Series whose focus is on the beloved characters Poppy Tidemore and Tristan Poplar and their love story. When you love someone from a young age, can ever really love anyone else?

The Vixen

Christi Caldwell

One of the few books in my life to bring to me to tears, Christi Caldwell’s, “The Vixen” tells the story of two orphans, who as adults, find love in the dangerous streets of London. Second book in the “Wicked Wallflowers Series.”

The Governess

Christi Caldwell

The third installment of the “Wicked Wallflowers series. “The Governess” is a tale of two strong characters whose pasts lay a wall around their guarded hearts. However, it sometimes takes one to know one, and in this case, that is more than certain. Will these characters find love or heartache in each other’s arms?

Hidden Monsters

London Miller

A love story in the modern day Russian mafia scene. Two characters whose lives are intertwined with blood and family take on a whole new meaning when they can no longer fight their feelings and give into them. Will love save or destroy them? 

Veiled Innocence

Ella Frank

A star-crossed love affair between a teacher and student, “Veiled Innocence” takes on this story with passion and depth. I was hooked from the beginning as we transport between past and present moments, cohesively intertwining the two into one poetic piece. 



Claire Kent

Sometimes love can be found in the unlikeliest of ways. “Escorted” is just that story. Based around a romance author looking for inspiration in the bedroom for her book, hires a talented escort to teach her a thing or two about sex. What they both find is worth more than any paid arrangement. 

No Man can Tame

Miranda Honfleur

In a world on the brink of war, a love between an elf prince and human princess casts a beacon of light and hope among the darkness that surrounds them.  Check out Honfleur’s book, “No Man can Tame.”

Mister Romance

Leisa Rayven

When the story of a lifetime for Eden Tate becomes the professional break she needs, she takes it on without hesitation. What Eden doesn’t expect is to fall in love with the person behind that story, even if it ends in heartache.  Will Eden choose to lead with her heart or let her professional aspirations take priority.

Something About You

Julia James

When an FBI agent and an Assistant United States attorney have to work together to solve a high profile crime it should be smooth sailing – right? Wrong. These two not only share a jaded past, but also have a hard time fighting their growing attraction to one another. Will this case bring them together, or be the catalyst that tears them apart?


Sophie Jordan

Falling for the younger brother of your best friend’s boyfriend wasn’t in the plans for Georgia Robinson, as her sheltered life before college didn’t prepare her for the whirlwind that is Logan Mulvaney. While their attraction is off the charts it’s their understanding of one another that draws them deeply to one another. Will Logan and Georgia give love a chance or will the pressures of the outside world get in the way of their happiness?

From Blood and Ash

Jennifer Armentraut

A tale of good versus evil intertwined in characters who make your heart race and your emotions feel like their on an endless roller coaster of love and suffering. I cried, I smiled and I couldn’t put down this book that will keep you hooked until the last page.

The Hunt

Frost Kay

In an effort to avenge her mother’s death, while on the brink of war, Tempest is set on a mission to uncover “The Jester,” the ring leader of her country’s biggest opposition. While undercover Tempest not only begins to unravel the truth of those closest to her, an unlikely alliance begins to form for someone who could be the key to her future but also her heart.

Have a book recommendation for me?

Send me a book you just LOVE. I always look forward to a book that I can’t put down.